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Friday, July 1, 2022

Cycling Gear and Accessories Manufacturers

Here is a list of cycling accessories manufacturers, along with some details about each brand and the types of accessories they offer:

  1. Garmin:

    • Garmin is a well-known brand specializing in GPS and cycling computer accessories.
    • They offer a range of cycling-specific GPS units, bike computers, heart rate monitors, and power meters.
    • Garmin's accessories provide data tracking, navigation, and performance monitoring for cyclists.
  2. Lezyne:

    • Lezyne is a brand that focuses on high-quality cycling accessories and tools.
    • They offer a wide range of accessories, including bike pumps, multi-tools, lights, GPS devices, and saddlebags.
    • Lezyne's accessories are known for their durability, functionality, and sleek designs.
  3. Topeak:

    • Topeak is a brand recognized for its innovative and practical cycling accessories.
    • They offer a variety of accessories, such as bike pumps, saddlebags, fenders, racks, lights, and tools.
    • Topeak is known for their user-friendly designs, versatility, and high-quality construction.
  4. SKS Germany:

    • SKS Germany is a renowned manufacturer of cycling accessories, particularly fenders and pumps.
    • They offer a wide range of fenders, pumps, mini tools, bottle cages, and accessories for various cycling disciplines.
    • SKS Germany's accessories are known for their functionality, durability, and German engineering.
  5. Blackburn:

    • Blackburn is a brand that specializes in cycling accessories designed for urban, touring, and adventure cyclists.
    • They offer accessories such as lights, racks, pumps, bottle cages, bags, and tools.
    • Blackburn's accessories focus on practicality, durability, and versatility for different cycling needs.
  6. Crankbrothers:

    • Crankbrothers is a brand known for its innovative and performance-oriented cycling accessories.
    • They offer a range of accessories, including pedals, multi-tools, pumps, bottle cages, and tubeless tire repair kits.
    • Crankbrothers' accessories are designed to enhance performance, durability, and aesthetics.
  7. Abus:

    • Abus is a renowned brand specializing in bicycle locks and security solutions.
    • They offer a wide range of bike locks, helmets, and accessories for securing bikes and protecting riders.
    • Abus's accessories prioritize high-security features, durability, and user-friendly designs.
  8. Kryptonite:

    • Kryptonite is a well-established brand known for its robust and reliable bike locks.
    • They offer a variety of locks, including U-locks, cable locks, chain locks, and lock accessories.
    • Kryptonite's accessories provide excellent theft protection and are designed to withstand various attack methods.
  9. Wahoo Fitness:

    • Wahoo Fitness is a brand specializing in smart trainers, cycling computers, and sensors.
    • They offer smart trainers, bike computers, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, and related accessories.
    • Wahoo Fitness's accessories focus on integrating technology with cycling performance and training.
  10. Tacx:

    • Tacx is a brand known for its indoor cycling trainers and accessories.
    • They offer smart trainers, rollers, bike trainers, bottles, cages, and accessories for indoor training.
    • Tacx's accessories provide cyclists with realistic indoor training experiences and connectivity features.

These are just a few examples of well-known cycling accessories manufacturers, each offering a range of products designed to enhance the cycling experience, safety, and performance. Exploring different brands can help you find the accessories that best suit your needs and preferences.


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