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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bicycle Sidecars

Need some extra carrying capacity on your bicycle? Maybe enough to take a whole extra person with you?

Basically what happened was I was watching a Japanese Anime called "Bamboo Blade" and one of the characters had a bicycle with a sidecar and I thought "Hmm... sidecar eh..." so I tried looking for that online.

Not many people have made a proper sidecar for a bicycle. Oh sure, there are children's sidecars and there are some custom made jobs like the one on the right here...

There is the Smike company in Switzerland which does mass produce, but to my knowledge they don't ship to North America. There are probably also some companies in China / Vietnam which also make sidecars for the local market. (Below you can see an example of a Smike bike with built in detachable sidecar.)

But nobody in North America mass produces them for adults. Its all children's sidecars / custom jobs. Even found one made for carrying pets.

I even asked a friend if he knew of any companies in North America that made bicycle sidecars. The closest thing he could find that was somewhat mass produced was Xtracycle's SideCar... and it is really more for carrying large boxes / groceries, etc.

Still, its worth noting. Check out the video below.

And further below here are some more photos of bicycle sidecars, custom or for kids, plus one motorcycle sidecar at the bottom which I have included just because it was so amazingly decorative.


  1. Does anyone know what sidecar is the red with white seat one on the 40s Hawthorne? I have one, and it has Motobecane stickers on the fender as well as back of the sidecar. Other than that all I know is the white wall General Tire is listed as Pennsylvania Athletic or something like that.

  2. I need one of these for my special needs son. The trailers just don't do it. I like the style of the white one with the seat or the one that a wheelchair can go into. Any tips on where to find more info on making these or purchasing them? I don't have much money to do it with maybe a couple hundred is all I could budget. Thanks for any help :)

    1. hi I have a little shop where we build staff like that tándem cycles, sidecars, even a system to carry little children bykes safetly but I had never shipp one of those things out of the country you can contact me at maybe I can help you



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