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Monday, October 22, 2012

Line of Sight, 2012 film


Line of Sight is the inside story of underground bicycle racing around the world.

Also known as Alleycat Racing, the races feature bicycles which are specially made for these illegal and highly reckless races: #1. The bikes have no brakes. So there are a lot of crashes and they can't stop at red lights (and don't want to stop anyway). #2. They're fixie bicycles (one gear only).

Through the lens of helmet cameras, the film transports viewers into the wild and dangerous world of Alleycat Racing, where high speeds, traffic and pedestrians combine with riders hell-bent on attaining victory at any cost.

The races include some of the best urban riders in the world in their natural element, including Shino, Ted Shred, Chas, Jumbo, Kevin Porter, Felipe "The King", Austin Horse, Crihs, and Alfred Bobe Jr.

More than just a musical montage of vehicle-dodging, fast paced action, Line of Sight also gives the viewers an insight into the community of bicycle messengers who run and participate in these underground races. Director Benny Zenga turns the cameras back on Lucas, his compatriots, and on the incredible cities where they run wild on the streets. The end result? A world tour of the urban jungles of New York to the actual jungles of Guatemala, from the narrow maze of London streets to the Great Wall of China, making the film as much a tourism documentary as a documentary on illegal bicycle racing.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Amusing Images for Cyclists

Here are a few images to tickle your funny bone. I admit they have nothing to do with bicycle mechanics or fixing bicycles, but sometimes you just have to let loose.


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