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Friday, December 16, 2022

How Efficient is a Flywheel Braking System?

 I really enjoyed this video about how to use a Flywheel Braking System to store energy, and then use that energy when you are ready to resume cycling. The storage of the energy only amounts to 15 to 20% return on the energy stored, but also comes with the added weight being carried around, and the noise caused by the gears/flywheel.

So the amount of energy being stored and used doesn't really seem worth it when you consider the problem that the cyclist is carrying around all this extra weight, but only using that weight to their benefit when braking and restarting.

So yes, an interesting experiment, but ultimately it makes you realize that it isn't an efficient way to do it. Plus the noise... Just not worth it.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Experienced Bicycle Mechanic Wanted in Calgary

Lou’s Performance Centre has a full time position open for an experienced bicycle mechanic in Calgary.  Lou’s is a 20 year old ski shop specializing in performance that is now going to stay open year round with a bike repair shop.  The experiment worked well last year.  Calgary is a growing market with long wait times for bike repairs and tunes and Lou’s already has a well established client base.

This position is ideal for someone capable of running a workshop as well as working in it.  The position can be year round for someone interested in ski and ski boot teching in the winter.  

Call or email Lou (403) 288-8518 or to learn more about this opportunity.  Resumes, cover letters and references are welcome.

Lou’s Performance Centre
6434 1A St. SW
Calgary, AB. T2H 0G6
(403) 288-8556

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How much should a Canadian Bicycle Mechanic be charging for repairs?

If you're new to being a bicycle mechanic and you're not sure what you should be charging here is a quick guide:

$60 per hour + the cost of parts.

Seriously. That is how much you should be charging if you are running your own bike shop. That price margin allows you to make a decent living and still be able to pay the rent on your workspace, keep the electricity running, pay your bills, etc.

Anything less than that and you had better be operating out of your garage or basement, because otherwise you won't be able to afford rent.

Also if you live in any of the cities where rent is more expensive (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) then expect to be charging slightly more than $60/hour, but you will likely have several junior bicycle mechanics at your shop working for $20+ per hour (if you're paying them a fair wage) or minimum wage if you're a cheap jerk.

Below is a list of tasks, plus the time required to complete them, plus what you should be charging for the service:

Level 1 tune-up1.6$96.00
build rear wheel1.12$67.00
install new fork1$60.00
brake system tune-up1$60.00
replace headset0.67$40.00
major wheel truing0.6$36.00
replace one piece crankset0.55$33.00
overhaul rear hub0.52$31.00
overhaul fr. Hub0.47$28.00
adjust single brake0.37$22.00
bleed hydraulic brake0.3$18.00
adj. front indexing derailleur0.3$18.00
install sealed B.B.0.28$17.00
adj. rear indexing derailleur0.27$16.00
replace square taper crank arms0.25$15.00
tape road handlebar0.25$15.00
install tire/tube w. wheel removal0.23$14.00
minor wheel truing0.22$13.00
Intall mtb. stem0.17$10.00
Adjust loose-ball bottom bracket0.12$7.00
replace freewheel/cassette0.12$7.00
size and/or install chain0.07$4.00


Which basically brings us back to the concept that the best way to make money as a bicycle mechanic is to own your own bike shop.

That way you make money every time you sell a bicycle.

You make money every time you repair a bicycle.

You make money every time one of your junior mechanics repairs a bicycle.

Working for someone else ("the boss man") may sound great when you're 19 years old and you think working at a bike shop is a great idea, but when you're 30 or 40 years old and you have a spouse and kids to feed then you need to be making more than $20 per hour. $20 per hour is peanuts. $20 per hour means you live in a tiny apartment, aren't married, have no kids, no savings for the future and no retirement plan.

Some people say they just love fixing bicycles, but a clap on the back and a sense of satisfaction doesn't pay your dentist bills (or any other bills).

Speaking for myself I got professionally trained as a bicycle mechanic (thanks to Smokey from the Quadra Bicycle Mechanic School), got my BTAC certification and all that... I spent years fixing and repairing bicycles, buying old bicycles, fixing them (and painting them), and selling them for a profit.

And I was okay. But eventually I reached a point where I realized I needed to either open a bicycle shop of my own or I needed to switch careers to something else and start a different business.

I ended up switching businesses and starting my own business which I've been doing for 11+ years now. A business where I charge a lot more per hour and make more than just "rent money".

I credit Smokey with turning my life around, because it was the bicycle mechanic training I received from him that opened my eyes to the fact that I could be doing other things with my life than just doing office work / data entry for less than $20 per hour (which is what I was doing prior to taking the bicycle mechanic course).

So my message today is as follows:

Don't undervalue yourself and your abilities.

Charge a fair rate that means you still make a living, not just rent money.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Get Away From It All + Learn How To Fix Bicycles

Tired of COVID?

Wouldn't it be nice to get away from it all and go live in woods, ride bicycles every day and learn how to fix bicycles at a bicycle mechanic school tucked away in a sunny place like Quadra Island, British Columbia?

Well good news.

"Smokey" is currently accepting new bicycle mechanic students for the 2021 season at his Quadra Bicycle Mechanic School in British Columbia.

The good news is that British Columbia's COVID numbers are really low, and they're even lower in regions of the province which are "under populated" like Quadra Island is.

Think of it like a "working vacation" where you learn an useful skill or expand your knowledge.

You will spend 7 to 14 days, 6 hours per day, learning how to fix bicycles in a professional bicycle mechanic shop. There are two courses offered, one for beginners and one for professionals, so whether you are an amateur looking to learn, or someone seeking to become a professional bicycle mechanic Smokey will train you properly.

See the bicycle mechanic course details to learn more.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hub City Community Cycles looking to hire Bicycle Mechanic

The manager at Hub City Community Cycles, located in 12 Lois Lane, smack in the middle of downtown Nanaimo, is seeking a mechanic for 2021.

Pay rate is $18 per hour plus benefits.

Phone: (250) 591-2159

Note - If you want to save money during your stay in Nanaimo it is actually cheaper to buy a small boat and then row to work every day instead of paying $5 each day for the ferry. Then when the bicycle season is over just sell the boat.

Or if you really like there, why not stay?

Recommend phoning during business hours:



Friday, June 19, 2020

Fix My Bike at Home Service


I recently started a website which is a DoorDash-like service for bike repair. Customers can connect with local mechanics to have their bikes repaired at the comfort of their own home. Our service is called FixMyBike: . We currently operate in Texas and Minnesota but are hoping to expand nationwide.

Is there a way we could work with your blog to get the word out to potential mechanics and customers?

Thanks so much,

Kyle Robinson
My Response:
Hey Kyle!
Sure, I can just copy-paste your email.
Why not expand internationally too? Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland would be relatively easy to add and you could add other languages/countries over time.
Also I do hope you are allowing bicycle mechanics to set their own rates, since the prices of replacement parts and the minimum wages do vary quite a bit from state to state and country to country. Individual bicycle mechanics may also value their expertise more than others. For example I don't work for anyone for anything less than $30 per hour.
The average wage of bicycle mechanics should be raised in my opinion, which oddly enough would increase bicycle sales since some people would look at the cost and just decide to get a new bicycle instead of getting their old bicycle repaired.

Good luck with your business!

Charles M.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Advertise on the Bicycle Mechanic for $20 per Post

Wait, did you read that correctly?

Yes, just $20 USD to get a blog post on The Bicycle Mechanic.

It isn't a lot, but it is affordable. It is a small blog after all, but growing.

Email to inquire about advertising your guest post on our site.


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