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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Truing Stand Manufacturers for Bicycles

Here is a list of companies that manufacture truing stands for bicycles:

  1. Park Tool: Park Tool is a well-known brand that offers a range of truing stands, including the TS-2.2 and TS-4.2 models. Their truing stands are widely used and trusted by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  2. Feedback Sports: Feedback Sports produces high-quality truing stands like the Pro Truing Stand. Their stands are known for their durability and precise adjustments, making them popular among cyclists and bike shops.

  3. Minoura: Minoura manufactures truing stands such as the FT-1 Pro Wheel Truing Stand. Their stands are designed to provide stability and accurate measurements, ensuring efficient wheel truing.

  4. Pedro's: Pedro's offers the Portable Truing Stand, which is a lightweight and compact option for on-the-go wheel truing. It provides basic truing functionality and is suitable for occasional use or traveling mechanics.

  5. Unior: Unior produces a range of truing stands, including the 1688 Truing Stand and 1689 Truing Stand Pro. Their stands are known for their sturdy construction and precise truing capabilities.

  6. VAR: VAR is a manufacturer that offers the 318 Professional Truing Stand, which is designed to accommodate various wheel sizes and provide accurate truing adjustments. Their stands are popular among professional mechanics.

  7. Cyclus Tools: Cyclus Tools manufactures truing stands like the Truing Stand 720002. Their stands are known for their solid construction and ease of use, offering reliable truing capabilities.

  8. DT Swiss: DT Swiss produces the DT Truing Stand, which is designed for high-precision truing of wheels. It features a user-friendly design and precise measuring options for professional wheel truing.

  9. Tacx: Tacx offers the Tacx Truing Stand T3175, which provides a stable platform for wheel truing. It is suitable for both home mechanics and professional use.

  10. Abbey Bike Tools: Abbey Bike Tools produces high-end truing stands like the Crombie Tool. Their stands are crafted with attention to detail and offer precise truing capabilities.

These companies provide a variety of truing stands to suit different budgets and needs. When choosing a truing stand, consider factors such as stability, adjustability, and accuracy to ensure optimal wheel truing results.

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