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Friday, May 26, 2017

Bicycles for Parents of Babies

To clarify, these are bicycles designed to help parents get their baby (or babies) from Point A to Point B, without using the conventional Baby Stroller or Baby Carriage, etc.

The wife and I recently purchased a stroller, which sparked my curiousity as to what else was available on the market and might be more convenient.

Baby Stroller Bicycle

Bicycle Baby Trailer

Bicycle Baby Sidecars

Recumbent Bicycle Trailer

Bicycle Baby Carrier

Personally I think I like the sidecar option best.

And then there is the problem of WHERE TO BUY?

Well one place to buy is to go to:

Manuel Cappel of Toronto Island

Manuel builds beautiful cargo bikes and trailers in his Toronto Island workshop. Manuel uses used bikes but new components to create strong bikes that can carry heavy loads. The bikes are cheaper than newer bikes with a price of about $2000 for a built bike (powdercoating extra). Give Manuel a call at 416.203.7717 to arrange a visit to his shop to discuss requirements. It takes him about a month and a half to build.

 So yeah, that probably is not in the average person's price range to get a custom built bicycle like that. Plus while he does make plenty of cargo bikes, I am really looking for a sidecar I can install myself.

I shall keep looking.

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