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Monday, June 25, 2012

Converting a Boys Bicycle into a Girls Bicycle

Hello Charles,

Wondering if you can help - I want to outfit my son's old bike for may daughter by painting it and maybe changing the saddle & handlebar grips but I can't see, to find anywhere that sells these accessories in little girl colours like pink or purple or light blue. Would you know of any bike shops in the GTA Toronto that does?

Appreciate the help, hoping to make my little girl smile when she sees the bike.
Thanks for your time




I recall seeing some pink things in Cycle Solutions on Parliament when I was in there last week browsing wraps for handlebars, but I don't think they would have everything you are looking for. Best to call and make certain. My recommendation would be to phone various bike shops and ask if they do have a variety of pink, purple, etc bits you are looking for.

I have a simpler solution for you however!

#1. Sell your son's bicycle on Craigslist.

#2. Take the proceeds, plus whatever you were planning to spend on the saddle, grips, pedals and pink spray paint (I estimate that would be at least $35) and then buy either a new bicycle or one that is slightly used that is in the desired colour and size.

This way you save yourself time and effort, you don't run the risk of having a botched paint job (kids can be picky and embarrassed to ride something that looks bad), and you get your daughter something you know will look good.

Charles Moffat
The Bicycle Mechanic

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