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Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bicycle Maintenance

Daily Bicycle Maintenance

Every day you use your bike, give it a quick once-over. It only takes a few seconds. Check the condition of your brakes and tire pressure. If riding at night check your lights too.

Weekly Bicycle Maintenance

It is highly recommended you lubricate exposed moving parts of the bike on a weekly basis, including the chain and gear mechanisms. DO NOT get lubricant on wheel rims or brakes.

Monthly Bicycle Maintenance

#1. Wheels: Check tire pressure and condition. Make certain your wheels are tightly fastened to the frame and in line with the frame. Spin the wheels to make certain they are straight and true.

#2. Brakes: Check the brakes for wear and ensure they contact squarely with the rim, not the tire.

#3. Cables: Replace worn or frayed brake cables and adjust brakes so that the brake levers don’t come into contact with the handlebars when braking hard.

#4. Gears: Check gears and cables work correctly move freely.

#5. Chain: If dirty clean the chain with a rag soaked in degreaser then re-oil the chain.

#6. Handlebar: Check for looseness in the handlebar and stem and tighten where necessary.

#7. Pedals: Pedals should spin freely. Check the pedal axles for looseness and tighten.

#8. Frame: Inspect the frame for any damage / cracks. Adjust the seat height is necessary and check that the seat post bolt is tight.

Most people don't actually do these things, but it only takes a few minutes per month so why not do them.

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